North West Wellbeing Project

Welcome to the exciting North West Wellbeing Project

My Liveable Neighbourhood!

We invite all community members to actively participate in this exciting initiative! From community festivals and outdoor fitness classes to support groups and eco-conscious initiatives, we have something for everyone.

What’s Planned?
Community Festivals and Events, Therapeutic Support, Case Management, Access to Mental Health Professionals, Fitness Activities, Sports Events, Creativity & Wellness Workshops, Community Education, Disaster & Hazard Preparedness (Fires, Floods, Climate), Safety Measures, Leveraging Technology, Eco-Friendly Initiatives.

Join a range of field experts sharing knowledge and practical tips.

Building Community Connection!

Supporting Mental Health!

Encouraging Active Lifestyles!

Supporting Disaster Preparedness!

Linking Community to Services and Service systems!


ONLINE SURVEY || Disaster Preparedness
North West Community Services Inc. is on a daring quest to better understand community needs.
Take part in our short Survey on Disaster Preparedness and if you’re interested in receiving further information and resources, please share your contact details at the end of the survey.

Disaster Preparedness - How to prepare for disasters

Every day actions make a difference 

RISKS THIS SEASON- An El Niño climate pattern has developed this season. El Niño increases the chance of a drier hot season. Take steps today to make sure you’re prepared for an emergency. 

3 steps to get ready

  • Understand your risk-Natural disasters impact people, destroy homes and damage roads and essential services. Understand your risk so you can be prepared for an emergency.
  • Make your emergency plan– Guidance on how to prepare your home, family or business for natural disasters, such as storms, floods, bushfires and heatwaves.
  • Pack your emergency kit– An emergency kit should be put together before a disaster happens. It can save you valuable time, if you need to leave your home or defend your property, and can help you survive.

Information courtesy Get Ready NSW website click here for more information 


Use the quick link icons below to be directed to NSW police, SES, RFS and Fire + Rescue. 



Hazards Near Me shows current information about local emergencies, including flood, bushfire and tsunamis, and advice on what to do to stay safe. The app can send you push notifications when there are new incidents or when information changes.
Don’t have a device that can download apps? View hazards on a desktop:
-Visit NSW SES for floods, storms and tsunamis alerts and warnings.
-Visit NSW Rural Fire Service for fire alerts and warnings.


The Heat and Health Research Incubator at The University of Sydney, in collaboration with community partners, have developed the HeatWatch app. The HeatWatch app allows users to estimate a personalised heat health risk. It also provides science-backed cooling strategies that are easily implementable. Its design and features are shaped by direct consultations with community members via focus groups, ensuring a user-friendly and practical tool for heatwave health risk management.

In recent times, heatwaves have become more intense, frequent, and prolonged — a trend that
will escalate in the foreseeable future. As NSW’s population continues to grow and age, it is crucial
to safeguard the most vulnerable from the detrimental health effects of extreme heat, reinforcing
the importance of the HeatWatch application.

Download the HeatWatch app here: Home (


Scroll through and take a look at some of the exciting programs and events we have planned for community.

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If you would like further information or have any questions please contact us on 9627 3622